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Hello ….. Let me introduce myself …. My name is Giulia Genovese, hence the name of my blog “GiuGen”. I was born in Marina di Gioia Tauro, under the sign of Scorpio ascendant Capricorn. At the age of six I moved, together with my family of origin, to Philadelphia in the United States, where I lived for about 12 years. After which I moved to Rome where I still reside. My large family lives scattered among several countries in the United States and Italy. I am the daughter of pastry chefs from several generations of Sicilian origin … 3 to be exact (father, grandfather, and great-grandfather). I have two children and three beautiful grandchildren.I worked for 40 years at an United Nations organization, where I met people from all over the globe, thanks to which I was made aware of ethnic cuisines, alongside of traditional ones of various countries of the world, as well as many tricks in the kitchen in some countries. My ongoing search for new preparations and experiments led me to the elaboration of a cuisine, which is not only Italian, very appreciated by my family and my friends (adults and children) , for its variety and quality of products. I have a great passion for music, artisan in general, information technology, art and for all female crafts including knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, etc. . I created this blog in order to trascribe my recipes in one place, accessible to whoever is interested.

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